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Reaching Out Spiritual News April 2018

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My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, psychic medium and  spiritual tutor. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC).
I give tarot readings, psychic readings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website, www.victoriacochrane.com
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A Word From the Creator

Change for the better will only come
when you accept that the only thing that needs to change  is your perception of reality.

    Card of the Month
This month’s card is from
Angels, Gods and Goddesses
Oracle Cards
Toni Carmine Salerno
Angel of Guidance
A renewed sense of direction and
purpose will manifest soon.

Inside Theta Healing

Holding the Faith

Recently Doreen Virtue announced her decision to go down the Christian path and it has shocked many. A lot of her followers are now wondering if they have been duped! One of my clients was so rocked by her decision to revert to religio, that she nearly lost her own faith, which is New Age in nature and strong. The worst thing for her was the feeling of a betrayal of trust, which is understandable, particularly when Doreen’s oracle cards and written wisdom over the years had helped so many people, including my client.
My reaction was to shrug and wish Doreen well on her journey. She obviously needs to follow a renewed love of Jesus and sees the Christian route the way for her. We are all on a spiritual journey and, for many, religion fills a void and/or speaks loudly to them as truth and fills them with joy. Good luck to them.
My main concern was to reassure my client not to let Doreen’s change of views and direction sway her from her own path. The dejection she felt was real, but I urged her to bring herself back into the present and to focus on her own journey, which had been progressing really well. A change in direction that is right for one person does not mean that other people need to follow, even if the change is as radical as this. As I said, we are all on our own journey of soul growth and mastery, and that journey is  pertinent to us and what we have agreed to do with our soul family before we are born.
While Doreen’s decision was extremely disappointing to her faithful followers, we cannot judge because we have no idea what her agreed life’s purpose is or what a closer relationship with Jesus means for her soul growth and service to the greater good in the future. We can’t let that shake our faith in our own beliefs and truths, particularly if following them has led to soul growth, a greater feeling of self-love, increased happiness and has been a way of helping others.
Stand in your truth, speak it, live it and allow others to do the same.
Victoria Cochrane

    Spiritual Snippets
Ascension News: The Year of the Butterfly

This year 2018 is thus the year of the butterfly for many. This year the light impacting the planet and radiating from within the core of Gaia is increasing. This will help to awaken many this year and also help to dissolve many old dark karmic structures. Many star brothers and sisters seek to connect with humanity as the shift in consciousness happens. Also, many beings from the inner earth and from the future Alpha Earth timeline seek to connect with us. There is much assistance in the spirit worlds. Your Higher Self is very active right now and seeks to communicate to you through many means. Through a random conversation, a scene in a movie, a message in a book and so on. Take time out to reflect on your inner light…….
It is important to avoid judgement and despair as you witness the events unfolding across the planet. It is important to focus on your path of service and light. Remember you are a magician, a lightworker, a Starseed, a map-maker, a pioneer in consciousness. You are here to hold the light of the new grids forming around and within the earth. This year is an important year in your path of service. Take whatever steps are necessary to open the way and to deepen your connection to the light. When you stabilise in the light your very presence will banish darkness in the world and open up the way for magical possibilities. This is the year to dream a heaven on earth both personally and collectively.
Affirmations are one tried and tested way we can reprogramme our conscious and unconscious minds with new ideas and possibilities. Affirmations can raise the level of our thinking which in turn increases our overall vibration and ability to hold and radiate more light.
“It is time, now, to awaken, time to step out. Now. I am light. Starseed I am, Star-child I am, star light I am, a seed from the stars, I am here to serve the earth, to serve in this time of global awakening, in this year 2018 the year of the butterfly. At this time the light is ascending. I am ascending as the light descends into my body and energy fields. My physical, emotional and mental bodies are enlivened with light……”
by Steve Nobel | 31 Dec 2017 |


Stepping into the Light

Greetings and love to you all. I am Ishtar, a goddess and a master. I walk the Earth amongst you, both in the flesh and in spirit, and my energy is one of great love and compassion. I have come forward today to invite you all to step into the light, as walking in the light will not only bring you great joy and abundance, but it will also see the world rise to the Fifth Dimension without delay.
We are all of the light and we are one and the same. There is no separation and no distinction between us. All are equal in the light of the Creator. There is no judgement and no conditions on His love or the love that we give to each other. In the Creator's light, the world just is, and it turns for all with no discrimination.
When you lose your connection to the light of the Creator you do not step into darkness, but the way may seem less clear to you and it may be harder for you to remember the reason you incarnated upon the Earth. You will also find it a lot easier to be drawn into the drama that consumes the lower vibrations of Earthly living. Drama is like molasses and it can cause one to lose sight of what is really important. Do not succumb! Keep yourself in the light. Keep your connection to Creator strong through meditation, prayer and grounding. Stay true to yourself and do not compromise your values or beliefs for others just because they do not believe what you believe. Speak and live your truth in the light, and your life will be richly abundant.
The way of the light is simple but it will always steer you onto your true path, the one that you always intended to walk. It need not be weighed down by doctrine, nor does it need to be a life of martyrdom. Living in the light means that you are always true to yourself and treat yourself and others the way you would like to be treated. You are always in integrity and do not expect anything in return for the giving of your gifts. When you do this you will be richly rewarded because the universe always returns what is given three fold. In the same way, if you give with malicious intent, that also will be returned to you!
There are no conditions on love, no boundaries and no mandates. Love simply is. See everything and everyone as the Creator sees them-as beings and things of great beauty to be loved and cherished as they are. There is nothing simpler nor more beautiful.
I AM Ishtar. 
Victoria Cochrane

The Role of Humanity

The future of the Earth is determined by those existing on the Earth at any given moment. The thoughts, emotions, frequencies they align to, energies they exude, actions they make and their reactions to the world within and around them impact the reality, everyone, experiences. Every soul is creating the evolution of the Earth. The energies the majority of humanity focus upon come into fruition. As an individual, your focus impacts the energy of the Earth, if many focus upon a similar energy this brings it into manifestation at a quick rate. It is due to this that there are many pathways that the Earth and her ascension can take. In any given moment humanity as a collective consciousness is creating numerous opportunities, moving from one pathway to another as humanity evolves and more souls awaken. The future of humanity and Mother Earth is indefinite because it is determined by the collective consciousness of humanity.
As a soul upon the Earth, you have the power to influence the collective consciousness of humanity through the way you choose to exist upon the Earth. Focusing upon harmony, love, peace, truth, healing and taking loving actions brings immense healing to the consciousness of humanity, returning alignment with the Creator. When you hold a focus on asking the divine to channel high vibrational awakening, healing and loving energy through your being to the collective consciousness of humanity during meditation or quiet time this begins a powerful transformation. As you work energetically healing, releasing negativity and realigning the consciousness of humanity to the Creator so humanity will automatically awaken their hearts, minds and entire beings to greater light from the Creator. When the light of the Creator flows through most of humanity with their conscious awareness then the heaven that many desire will manifest upon the Earth.
You have the power to accelerate the transformation and realignment of all of humanity by working with the collective consciousness of humanity, focusing upon light flowing through every being upon the Earth. Thus, all souls will remember the bliss of existing in harmony with each other and the Earth. This will instigate a beauty of all forms being nurtured and created upon the Earth.                        Natalie Glasson  www.omna.org

Spiritual Snippets
Poetic Musings


When words come from the heart,
Although they may be truthful,
The way they are received
Will be different
Than if they are spoken harshly
Without thinking or considering
That the message may not be wanted, or even needed at that time.
When deeds come from the heart,
With care and thought for others,
The recipient will be grateful to the core….
But if the action speaks of ego,
And feels like an intrusion,
Then the person will be angry and put out.
When love comes from the heart,
Every action, word and feeling
Will be felt by all around you, bringing happiness and peace.
It’s not worth the aggravation
To be critical of others,
Or to treat each other badly
When we all belong as one.
Victoria Cochrane

Did you know...

that everyone you interact with is your mirror?

“This is the greatest of all relationships secrets and the only one you really need to understand to transform all your relationships. Here it is again - every single person in your life is your mirror. What this means is that others are simply reflecting parts of your own consciousness back to you, giving you an opportunity to really see yourself and ultimately to grow. The qualities you most admire in others are your own and the same goes for those qualities you dislike. To change anything in your relationships, be the change you want to see.
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Learn to recognise yourself in other people. Everything and everyone is your mirror. It is only when you understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back at you, that there is no room for blame, there is no room for judgement and there is no room to feel like a victim of another person's actions or words. There is only room for real love based on understanding and gratitude. Compromise comes easy, forgiveness is a given and growth is inevitable. While this truth applies to all of your relationships, from your family, to your friends and colleagues, and even to those you deem your "enemy", it is your relationship with your significant other that enables you to take the closest, most accurate look at who you are.” Extract from Tanya Kotsos, http://www.mind-your-reality.com/your_mirror.html

The Last Word

Live Every Moment

Peace be with all humans on Earth at this time, no matter where you may be or the circumstances you may find yourselves in. Know that you are loved, by the Creator and by your angels and guides, and that you are never alone, even when you feel at your lowest or loneliest. To feel this love, all you need to do is to close your eyes and block off your mind. Feel into your heart space and see, feel or sense a brilliant, white light in there. Sit in the light and feel it surrounding you, touching every fibre of your being. All you can see and feel is this light. It is warm and comforting, full of love and peace. Relax into it, knowing that it is the Source of your being, the centre of your soul. It is your direct connection to the unconditional love of the Creator, and in this love you may also see or feel your angels and guides. Still your mind and just breathe. Be open to the messages that await you, and trust that what you receive is true.
All life is a lesson, and many lessons on Earth are brutal and seemingly without justice. However, count every moment on Earth as a blessing, because in the harshest lessons can come the greatest rewards. To learn a lesson is to evolve and grow, and growth is the fastest way to enlightenment and truth. Be true to yourself; you need only prove yourself to one being, and that is yourself. If you lie to others you ultimately keep the truth from yourself, and if you deny yourself truth you deny yourself the chance to learn and to grow. Love yourself enough to face the truth about yourself and to always speak your truth to others. Truth is the only way to keep yourself on the path towards enlightenment and to stave off the darkness that may be threatening to consume your heart. We hear you, we know you, we love you, no matter what you may be hiding or where you may have come from. Allow us to guide you to the light of the Creator, which starts in your heartspace and will lead you to oneness, peace, truth and enlightenment.
I AM Archangel Michael

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