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Reaching Out Spiritual News January 2018 Edition

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My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, psychic medium and  spiritual tutor. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC).
I give tarot readings, psychic readings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website,
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A Word From the Creator

It is not the deed, but the intention
behind it, which gives meaning
to every action and reaction.

     Card of the Month
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Crystal Reading Cards
Rachelle Charman
Libyan God Tektite


You are entering into a powerful time of manifestation. This is a natural part of life and is your birthright to manifest your heart’s desires and deepest dreams here on Earth.

Inside Theta Healing

The Power of Love

In the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling wrote that Harry was protected by the highest power of all: Love. In the current climate of negativity, materialism, anger and hatred on this Earth, feeling the love in every situation or for people we don’t like can be extremely difficult., yet it couldn’t be more important! Around Christmas time, people find it in their heart to help those less fortunate than themselves and perhaps love is easier to find at this time of year. However, as we get caught up with the busyness of our lives throughout the year, it is easy to lose our benevolence as we get caught up in our own lives and allow ourselves to be immersed in the dramas of the world. Yet, if we stopped to think about how much judgement we have about others, how is it helpful? Have we become too self-serving and lost sight of what is really important in life?
When you die, what can you take with you? How do you wish to be remembered - as a gossip, a mean-spirited person who took advantage of others, or someone who judged and condemned others for not living up to a particular standard? Or, would you rather be remembered as one who was in integrity, who lived their life staying true to themselves and loved others as they would wish to be loved without judgement? Would you want people to miss you, or be glad that you were gone? What we give out we get back; it is that simple!
When people remember Jesus Christ, they remember him for his words and deeds, not for his possessions. They remember his unconditional love for his Father and for every single person he met, regardless of their status, creed, gender, personality or attitude to others. Being Christian is not about reading the Bible or going to church. It is not even about being religious. It is about living, loving and serving as Christ lived, with no expectation for anything in return, unreservedly and unconditionally.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but making an effort to allow others to be themselves without judging them is a good start, if not a lifelong process!
Whenever I ask Jesus, Archangel Michael or Creator if they have any messages for me, the first answer I get, without fail, is “You are loved.” So I say to you, no matter how you are feeling, what your lot in life is or who you are, you are never alone and you are truly loved.
And, if you need help, don’t forget that you need to ask and God/the Universe will respond immediately!

 Spiritual Snippets

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy has become big business and many different companies now claim to make the purest oils that can cure all manner of ills. Personally, I believe in Young Living oils and have used them for several years and find them extremely reliable. I am a ’toolkit’ kind of person, which means I like to use a range of different things to maintain my health and wellbeing , but I must say that I am fast becoming a person who will always have an oils toolkit handy in my handbag and office!
So, what is aromatherapy and how does it work? To answer that I need to refer to the experts!
 “Aromatherapy is a widely used term for a range of traditional therapies that use essential oils and other plant compounds for healing. Although there is still much research required to convince those that do not work with essential oils of their efficacy, scientific evidence of its effectiveness is growing.
Aromatherapy doesn't just smell nice, it is the infusion of aromatic molecules from aromatherapeutic grade essential oils which are introduced through the body systems for the treatment or prevention of disease. For physiological conditions, specific essential oils are used for their effect on various muscles, organs and their function as well as the oils' influence on hormones and the immune system in order to bring about a therapeutic result.
Stress, anxiety and other psychological conditions can be managed effectively by inducing relaxation, changing moods and soothing the emotional mind and body by acting directly on the nervous system. Aromatherapy is used by spiritual and energy healers working on the subtle body, in meditation and prayer for the vibrational effect of the essential oils. It is also widely practiced amongst traditional natural therapists who practice massage, reflexology, Chinese medicine and the like.
Research has been done into the effectiveness of some essential oils - especially the popular ones such as lavender, tea tree and peppermint. The anti-bacterial properties, and to some extent anti-viral properties, of these oils are now well-regarded and there are more studies being conducted to validate their outstanding healing capabilities. Each essential oil has its own blueprint!”

Australian College of Aromatherapy


The Consciousness of Oneness

The breath of life comes from all things, because everything on Earth is one with the Supreme Creator. Religions on Earth teach that man is separate from and lesser than the Creator, or God, but that is a fallacy and a myth. All beings, living and non-living things are spokes of the Divine wheel and are one and the same. Humans are co-creators because they create their own reality with every thought, word, action and every decision that they make. Creation, dear hearts, is in everyone of you and in every natural particle on Earth. God is you and you are God.
Oneness means all things in the universe are connected by infinite threads and there is no separation between them. The knowledge of oneness brings awareness of self as a spiritual, etheric being who is infinitely connected with and loved unconditionally by the Creator. When you know you are one with the Creator you feel loved unconditionally in all areas of your life and give it to others in equal measure; there is no judgement or condemnation, only love and light. To achieve Oneness you need do nothing, for it is already so! To live your life in full awareness of Oneness, however, is another matter.
To live in oneness is to live in a fifth dimensional state at all times; in the denseness of third dimensional Earth, this is no mean feat and is difficult to sustain without continued awareness and vigilance. Only those who have managed to bring in their lightbodies and to raise their vibrations above the drama and chaos of life on Earth are able, for the most part, to stay in an ascended state and to help others to reach it.
Any dimensional state is a vibrational frequency aligned to a certain consciousness. The higher the frequency the higher the dimension that the person will be operating consciously in. All dimensions are light infused, and if the frequency of light is low, the vibration will also be low, meaning that, at a conscious level, the person or being will be egotistical and self-absorbed. The more light that one allows into their chakras through the clearing of blockages such as past emotional abuse or trauma, the higher their consciousness will become, thus entering a higher dimensional state. The raising of one’s consciousness to a state of Oneness does not happen overnight, nor will it stay in the fifth dimension without concerted effort and awareness of one’s thoughts, perceptions and attitudes towards self and others.
The light of the Creator is of the highest frequency because it that of unconditional love; there is no higher state than this. To connect to the Creator as a matter of course is to bring oneself into alignment with his light and the fifth dimensional state of Oneness. As one practices connection to Source and revels in the unconditional loving energy, one will begin to release the traumas of the past and to become one with his breath, his soul, his essence and his light. When one knows how this feels, the urge to continue the journey of reconnection to one’s own divinity will be self-perpetuating, continuing the awakening until the person themselves becomes the light for others who are still finding their way. This is the way of ascension, coming in waves of awakening until all humans who choose this path will determine the vibration of humanity, rising above the third dimension and bringing the Earth into the New Age.
Bring in the light of the Creator, into your heart space, into your breath and into your being. Hold his light as love and feel it as your love also, for the love of the Creator is also your own. Know that the love of the Creator lives and breathes in all things, and there is nothing that is separate from him or that is not loved by him. When you know the unconditional love of the Creator and live within His light you will also see everything from a place of love. One cannot judge others when one lives in the light and love of the Creator, nor can one judge oneself, because the Creator knows no such state. Love is all there is.
And so it is.
I AM Archangel Gabriel.

Spiritual Musings


The aura of a healthy tree emits a powerful energy that radiates out to the world. Trees do much more than just hold soil in place and oxygenate the air – they emit a pure vibrational frequency that resounds with the knowledge of the universe. Trees are of the Second Plane of Existence but they hold a vibrational frequency of oneness with the Creator because they just are. In the energy of the Creator everything just is and is held in unconditional love; there are no conditions or expectations of return or exchange, other than what is needed for survival.
The energy emitted by the trees of the world, whether they be hundred-year old giants or one-year old saplings, is the same. They provide shelter for birds, insects and animals, oxygen and stability and take their nutrients and water from the environment that they sustain. They give and sustain life and they also provide a place of refuge for many beings, human and non-human alike. If you have ever felt the energy of a healthy tree, really felt it, the strength, power and joyful vibrations emitted would have had you in awe.
Trees stand as representatives of the wonder of Creation and they can teach humans much about what it is to live a peaceful existence in total harmony and acceptance of oneself and one’s environment. The natural world is a perfect example of mastery, because without intervention from man or other intelligent beings it has evolved and existed for millions of years. Nature has mastered what Man has not: oneness with the universe. Trees are nature’s Masters and must be honoured for their service.
So, place your hand on a tree and feel its life-force resonate with yours. Its simplicity of existence is a lesson for all mankind: stand your ground and draw your strength and power from the Earth, giving back to it in equal measure. Trees, dear ones, are the finest example of oneness on Earth that you can see amongst the chaos of the human illusion of separation.
I Am the Creator of All That Is
 Spiritually Speaking

 The Song of the Soul

There is a harmony that your Soul sings inside you all the time.  Most of us forgot how to listen to this sound.  Who would have ever thought that your Soul has its own song?  What does that mean exactly?  The seven body chakras are energy vortexes that feed your body with universal energy that is not visible, but is critical to your well-being.  
With the entrance of the New Energy on Earth, your Soul
is attempting to return to its original frequency which is also called the Soul's Song.  It means that each Chakra has its own note on the musical scale, and it also has its own light (colour) that is created from these frequencies. The universe is made up of light and sound, and your Soul also has elements of light
and sound in it.  The frequencies all relate to your emotions, which are energy in motion.
At present, you are releasing past traumas and hurts through your genetic lines and traumas from this lifetime.  You are releasing them and setting them free.
As this new energy is created on earth, it is connecting you to your divine senses which are the senses above and beyond the five body senses.  These new senses are spiritual senses that relate to discernment, enlightenment, wisdom, sensing a lie before it is told, sensing the energy of another person, sensing another's intentions and sensing the divine.   You are, in essence, aligning with your Soul through your Divine senses.  The five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch are also heightened at this time.
 In order to connect with these divine senses, you have to change your belief systems from the past, let go of the old programming that was connected to the Ego, and release your past so you can open your heart and follow your Soul's guidance.
The song of your Soul is a beautiful song that is created through the energy of Love.  The song is around you, and in you - it is a part of you.  It is a frequency that connects you to God.  It connects to the God Cell within you that remembers "who you truly are" as the DNA codes within you that were locked for so long become activated once more.  It is like a child wanting to be born.  It is your Soul waking up - which is your connection to God…
As  you let go of the past and forgive yourself and others, the energy inside  and around you changes, and you recapture the Song of your Soul - which creates health on all levels.

Extract from
Carlini Institute for Therapy, Research and Transpersonal Education.
This material is copyrighted.  © 2010,2013 , 2015 Heather Carlini


The Last Word

The Love of Mother Earth

If the whole world could see the light coming from within Mother Earth they would be amazed! Yes, on a physical level the middle of the Earth is fiery, hot and molten, but on a spiritual, ethereal level it holds a crystalline diamond core. It is a heart that beats as your heart beats, feels as your heart feels and breaks as a heart can break. Mother Earth feels every human emotion and she reflects it all back to the planet as vibrational energy. This energy then becomes a part of the way of life on Earth, including changes in the weather patterns, sudden and catastrophic natural disasters, a holding of spirit energy in places where dark actions against others have occurred, and even the way humans interact with each other on a daily basis. However, the love of Mother Earth for all who live upon her is a direct reflection of the love of the Creator, because all on Earth and beyond is one with the Creator and the energy of the Universe. When people give love to themselves and each other, even if they have not been previously acquainted, this love radiates out to other people and other life forms and is absorbed into the Earth’s heart, as well as into the human collective consciousness.
Love is all there is, dear ones! Everything else is illusion and will only become reality if you believe it to be so. Do not buy into the illusion of darkness, because the duality of light and dark is not in the energy of the Creator. When you see, feel and become love you are one with God’s light; nothing else is real. Believe in love, even if you cannot believe in God. See love as the only energy that is real, and send it with purpose to the world. You cannot imagine how powerful that one act can be.
Love is the reason that Mother Earth’s heart is still beating, because without her connection to Source she would have lost her way many eons ago in the face of the battering of negative human emotions over so many centuries. The beings of light that exist in tandem with the Earthly Plane, including the many Lightworkers who have awoken to assist Mother Earth in her quest to ascend to the Fifth Dimension, are working tirelessly through many blockages to raise the vibrational patterns of light from darkness to brilliance. Just as the sun shines, so does the heart and soul of every being who is working with Mother Earth; this light is working to bring the Earth and all who live upon her out of the denseness and darkness of ego and hatred into the brilliant light of unconditional love, peace and oneness. All every person needs to do is to love themselves and others for who they are with no judgement or conditions. It really is that simple.
I AM Archangel Michael, and I send my love and light to you.
Victoria Cochrane

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