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Reaching Out Spiritual News September 2017 Edition

Welcome to my monthly  newsletter!
My name is Victoria  Cochrane. I am a spiritual healer and psychic channel and live on the NW coast of Tasmania. I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, psychic medium and  spiritual tutor. I am a certified member of the International Psychic's Association (IPA) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC).
I give tarot readings, psychic readings and can perform psychic mediumship. I work with The Creator non-religiously so that all of my work comes from the highest source of energy. To read testimonials about my work, please visit my website,
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A Word From the Creator

Self-love and acceptance are 
important steps in allowing others 
to love and accept you for who you are.

Card of the Month
This month’s card is from
Earth Magic Oracle Cards
By Steven D. Farmer
Lotus Flower: Unfoldment
“Your spiritual unfoldment is occurring at all times whether or not you are aware of it. It is inevitable, as long as you put your trust in the hands of the Creator, the One who holds the light…”

Inside Theta Healing

Living Between Dimensions

As we live and work through each day we are, more and more, continuously moving through multitudes of dimensions of consciousness. The more dimensions we encounter the more potential there is for our energies to become scattered or fractured. Let me explain!
We live on Earth which is the Third Plane of Existence. The lowest dimension is the Third Dimension (3D) which, in itself, has many layers. If you think of the densest form of egotism, materialism, corruption, greed etc., then you are in the world of politics, religion, Kardashians, Trump, war on terror and large companies who hold money and power. 3D is the reality for most of us as we negotiate through financial issues, media hype and daily struggles with our own dramas. People who are entrenched in 3D reality do not look outside their own bubbles and often do not consider how their actions affect other people. They believe that we are all separate and that we are lesser beings than God.
As people are awakening to their own spiritual truths they are moving beyond 3D (a state of doing) in to the layers of the 4th Dimensions (which is a state of becoming). They become more aware of the world around them and start to put their egos aside to help and tolerate other people. This is the state where we start to see how we are all connected and that our actions affect others. 4D is a much higher vibration than 3D but it
can fluctuate as we encounter and interact with people stuck in 3D. Raising our vibrations can be difficult when people around us are negative and self-absorbed. This is where our energies can be zapped by lower ones and maybe even trapped between dimensions.
The 5th Dimension is a state of being and the ability to see everything and everyone in the world (and universe) as one. While many have reached this state is not finite and, again, there are many layers to it. While a person who has worked hard to raise their vibrations to this level will find it easier to shake off lower vibrations, they must remain vigilant and work to maintain their connection through meditation, grounding and being constantly aware of their connection to the Creator, their guides and to the Earth.
Something I have added to my healing practice is to ask for all four bodies in a person be united in the same dimension that is the highest and best for them. This is usually a level in the Fourth Dimension. The advice I can give you now is watch your thoughts, because low level thoughts will create low level actions which creates a 3D reality for you. Being aware of the negativity of your thoughts, words and actions and taking steps to change them to a more positive lens will do much to raise your energy to a higher dimension.

Victoria Cochrane

 Spiritual Matters

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is where all souls meet in spirit. The term ‘astral travel’ means that one travels to a different dimension; it is usually done in sleep but many do it when awake in a meditative state.
The Astral Plane is in the Fourth Plane but it is of a different dimension to that of the spirit world. This is to allow human spirits still in form to visit there to continue their lightwork or to meet with their guides and soul family. It is extremely important that people do make these connections in their sleep, for those who don’t easily lose their way in the illusions and dramas of the waking world.
The feeling that accompanies astral travel and the knowledge that it is happening includes ‘out of body’ experiences, finding yourself coming back into your body as you wake up or waking up with a jolt (as your spirit comes back in). Some people have no knowledge of their nighttime adventures other than a feeling of unwarranted fatigue during the day. Other people are well aware that they travel in their sleep and a few can remember what happened, mostly through vivid dreams.

The war between dark and light is also occurring on the astral plane, which makes it a dimension of ultimate duality and deep illusion. The spiritual laws that apply on this plane mean that it is easy for a person’s spirit to become swept up in the illusion that all is separate and that light must overcome dark. To enter the fight is a great danger, as one leaves energy imprints wherever one travels in spirit, even in sleep. Once you willingly enter into the fight, even if it is unwittingly, you open up doors that can lead to you to be targeted by those who follow the dark road. Those who have done so have found their energies being drained and some have needed professional help to clear and cleanse their energy.
The Astral Plane is a meeting ground that has its uses but is not of a high enough vibration to be a recommended place to consciously meet with your guides. Before you go to sleep, or enter a meditative state, specify that you wish to meet you guides and soul family in the upper fifth plane or the dimension that is the highest, best and safest for you. If you know or suspect that you astral travel frequently, hold the intention that your spirit be protected from attack whilst you sleep.

I AM AA Michael. VC
Spiritual Life


Freedom is a transient state,
And it isn’t hard to find
The plights of many around the world
Who cannot speak their minds.
They live in fear of (mostly) men
With guns and knives and bombs.
Who believe they work for Allah,
But they couldn’t be more wrong.
One could be forgiven
For falling in the trap
Of media hype and fearmongering
It puts us in a flap.
The more we fear the more they win,
So if we do not try
To wake up and be much stronger
The world we know will die.
To free the world of terror
The answer is quite clear,
Every woman man and child
Must free themselves of fear.
Rise above and see each other
With tolerance and love.
When we can stand together,
The world will rise above.

 A Sun Meditation

Seat yourself somewhere comfortably and relax your whole body. Concentrate on your energy, and feel it building in your third eye. See yourself connecting with Mother Earth and thank her for her gifts. Then envisage the light of the Creator connecting with your light in your crown and watch as it envelops you in a beautiful cloud of love and pearlescent white light. Hold the intention, in Creator’s energy, that you receive a DNA activation and healing from the sun to restore your tissues and cells to perfect health and to protect you from cancer and other diseases for your highest and best. Then, through your mind’s eye, connect with the sun’s energy. It will radiate through your crown chakra and flood through your whole body.
Hold your attention to your pineal gland and feel it opening. Allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the pineal gland and feel the activation of DNA occur. The gland will close again when the activation is complete. Then turn your attention to your body as your cells and tissues regenerate. Give thanks and blessings when it is done.
To finish, connect again to the light of the Creator and wash yourself off in his light and love. Then connect again with Mother Earth and feel yourself grounded and present in your physical body.

I AM Master Kathumi VC


The Waves of Terror

Rachael was feeling fine until she suddenly and inexplicably wanted to commit mass murder. She plotted in her head how she was going to fill her car with fertiliser, ignition points and diesel fuel. The hatred she felt was all consuming until, after about two hours she ‘came to her senses’ and snapped out of it and wondered what on Earth she was doing! If Stella were not already spiritually aware and had not begun the practice of polarising herself to North every morning, the end of this story might be very different.
The world is surrounded by waves of human consciousness that ebbs and flows with negativity and positivity, because every thought that every human in the world thinks goes out into this consciousness. Its surrounds the planet like an invisible blanket and, because all in the Universe is One, every human mind is connected through thought frequencies. The vibrations of peoples’ thoughts vary widely depending on whether they are connected to third, fourth or fifth dimensional consciousness, and the level of positivity and negativity that flows through the collective consciousness ebbs and flows according to how much love or hate is emanating from mass humanity in different parts of the world.
Rachael’s story is a prime example of how ‘terrorism’ is playing out in the world now. People are accidentally hooking into the waves of hatred, fear and extremism as it comes over them through the tides of consciousness ebbing and flowing around the planet, radically changing their vibration and mental state in an instant. Whether the change is fleeting or permanent depends on the dimension the person has been functioning in and the level of their spiritual awareness. People who are already influenced by deep religious beliefs or extremist views are much more susceptible to mind control and will more likely stay in this altered reality. Anyone who has been heavily immersed in Third Dimensional realities and the dramas that go along with it will be much more likely to find themselves becoming intensely angry and unrealistic in their expectations of others.
It is now well known amongst Lightworkers and people on the path to Ascension that there is a huge battle on the Astral Plane between the dark and light forces. Those who have chosen the dark path, both in human and ethereal form, are doing everything in their power to manipulate the masses through fear, and the recent spate of
‘terrorist’ attacks that are now plaguing the world are no accident. The dark forces are infecting the human consciousness with toxic thought forms that are vicious in their intensity and intention, and when anyone inadvertently comes in contact with them they will immediately become affected. The irony is that, despite the seeming collapse of society on the physical level, the dark forces are losing their battle as the awakening of the masses continues on a grand and accelerated scale. This is why their attempts at sabotage are becoming more frequent and desperate. Do not be fooled by the messages from the leaders of the world – they only have their own interests at heart.
The main issue with many people now is that they are living between dimensions of energy that shifts like sand from very low and dark frequencies to higher and more loving vibrations. This can happen just through our daily interactions with family, clients, strangers and the media. Maintaining a high vibration against the tide of lower frequencies and shifting realities is a real ‘work in progress’ for many and a battle that many are failing.
There are steps all humans must begin to take to protect themselves from becoming victim to mind control and intervention from the Illuminati and to help them to maintain a higher frequency with more stability.
The most important one is to remove yourself emotionally and mentally from the fear and to send only love out to the world. Love is a vibration that is beyond the reach of those who wish the world harm towards their own selfish gain and it is a natural protector for those who send it from the heart and for the greater good.
Awaken, dear ones, and meditate, breathe in love and send it out to yourself, humanity and the planet. Arm yourself with the unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is and the knowledge that His love will protect you from harm and bring the world out of duality and back into the Fifth Dimension. Believe it because it is so.
Love is all there is.

I AM Archangel Michael VC

The Last Word

Keeping Your Energies Above the Third Dimension

Greetings and blessings. I am here with you in love.
There are three simple things you can do to raise your vibrations above the drama around you.
Keep yourself grounded. Keep your energies completely grounded into Mother Earth by always consciously grounding your energy in the morning when you rise. Feel your energy hooking into Mother Earth and then connect to Creator’s light. You will feel much more in your body all day. Alternatively, walk barefoot on the wet grass, on the sand or even on the carpet. Or, immerse yourself in water and be conscious of yourself in space.
Look after your health. Treat your body like a temple, because it houses your spirit and your soul. Keep hydrated, eat healthily and exercise your body. Also ensure that you get enough sleet and control the amount of stress in your life.
Learn to love yourself again. It is not possible to see everyone and everything with love if you cannot see yourself that way! You must work at releasing past hurts and forgiving yourself for past mistakes. Do not look in the mirror and see your physical appearance. Look, rather, into your heart and see the child within. Most love for self dissipates in early to late childhood. Regain your love for yourself by sending love and forgiveness to yourself as a child. Nurture the child within and regain the love and respect for yourself that the Creator has never lost.
The universe revolves around love and love alone. Find the love for yourself and you will be able to see things from a much higher perspective.
I AM Master Kathumi

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